It feels strange to think that you’re gone.
Before, you were everywhere but now, that I’m looking for you,
you’re nowhere to be found.
If I could just turn back time…
Just to see your smiling face.
Run my fingers through your curly hair!
And say, “of course, yes! yes! and forever, yes, dear!”
I miss you, love
And wish you were here.

I would’ve lived to make you happier
Think of endless ways to brighten your day
Send you off with a loving kiss in the morning
And slyly slipped tender notes for you to peruse later.
Breathe, just waiting for you to come home
Jump in excitement to greet you
Perhaps even pace, just outside the opened gate.
Smile in joy, anticipating your arrival
Counting impatient minutes, one by one
Move along already, I’d petulantly prod.
Shriek when I finally spot you near
Clap unabashedly when you’re close
Wrap my arms and legs around you
Press my body oh so close,
And bury my head in your welcoming, strong chest
All my fears and sorrows flown away.

“Im so happy you’re home, love,” I’d say
“How was your day?” after a long, loving kiss.
We’d eat dinner that I’ve tenderly prepared for you
And I’d gaze into your loving eyes.
Elbows firmly on the table
Hands cradling my chin
Smiling so broadly
So wordlessly happy.
Playing funny footsies
Laughing out loud
Our happy voices echoing
through the balmy eve.

At night, we’d sit on the patio
With me on your right
Legs intertwined, toes free in the air.
Who knows where one begins,
and the other ends?
Sipping on some herbal tea
Relaxing together, under the envious stars
with stringed bulbs brightly dotting on occasion.
The scent of blossoms blowing by;
Bushes with violet flowers at their tips
Dancing jubilant to the breeze.
Yellow ones there too
All bouncing bubbily in suspense
Singing their merry tune.
Crickets cricketing away
Late quails coo-cooing with their babies in tow
Water falling over rocks into a pool
What joyful sounds spring to our ears
As hours pass in mere seconds.

Your loving face shining under the moon!
Oh, how divine it is, love!
If you could see, what I feel
Hold my hand, with fingers intertwined.
Let me press my eager lips
on the back of your handsome hand
Yes, just like this!
A kaleidoscope of colors within
Beams of joy radiating through me
Loving you is the greatest gift!
Can you see it, love?
You squeeze my hand in assurance
I pucker my lips
Finally, that long-awaited kiss!
Thanking God for this precious moment together
Each one slightly different
with infinite melodies playing
as wrinkles accrue,
though with love, forever in full bloom.

Night falls further…
Like a velvety curtain at the theatre
And we embrace in bed.
With each touch, so tenderly placed
It’s like electricity, you and I
Opposite ions drawn together.
I close my eyes
And feel you everywhere.
Every hair, pore, crease, and bend
Memorized over, again and again
in the caress of my fingertips.
Breathing in deeply
Smelling your wonderful scent
Smiling from ear to ear
Feeling you oh so near.
Here you are, deep inside
And everywhere else, besides.
Your fingers intertwined in mine
Lovingly caress.
Seal it with a passionate kiss.
So, this is love culminated
In absolute, ecstatic bliss.

God, thank you for this love
Bless us, I let out with a soft sigh.
Surely a woman cannot love a man
Any more than this.
My heart is overflowing
Bursting love in every corner
I love you forever, my heart thinks
You’re so beautiful in every way
I am so grateful you are with me
Truly, can a woman be so lucky as this?

Your heart hears mine.
Beating with tender love,
“I love you forever, “ you proclaim.
Chest rising and falling and rising again
Your fine hairs tickle my face.
Oh, never let me go;
Hold me like this forever! my heart exclaims
I wish this would never end!

“I love you, forever,” I whisper
And as I reach to caress your hair,
you are no longer there.
In the darkness, I search for you
But you are now gone, nowhere to be found.

My heart is overflowing
This time with bleeding tears.
Oh, love of my life,
Where are you now?
Come back to me
Come back home, love! I plead.
Rest your head here
in my longing, lonesome, saddened arms.

Oh merciful God, hear my cries
It is the middle of the night
I don’t understand, I weep
I don’t understand why this is so!
But I thank you still for those precious times
Loving one other,
Each and every morning, eve, and night
And every moment in between
The best a woman and man ever could.

Whether true or in my mind
Does it really matter?
I felt this is so,
when I looked at you:
How curious…
With more than just a glance…
Have we met before?
Yes, yes, countless times
but you just did not know it.
And you looked at me,
Silently smiling in that strange way
Whistling a familiar tune;
So sweet in my ears
Even wistful somewhat, I’d say.
Good Riddance, how ironic.
Again, I am a little girl;
Heart pounding, shyly smiling, cheeks blushing too.
I touch my lips, and feel your impressed kiss
Thus my heart says:
Truly, true it must be!
I will love you over, again and again, love!

Surely, you will be home soon…

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