A simple touch. A simple kiss, can make one's heart stop.
Make the drum beat rise in our pulse.
Poison every pain, and every bad thought.
Make all the nightmares go away.
Every step we take, in every direction we look.
To every breath we take in, our destinys await to love.
Every soul created, never themselves are complete.
For only one purpose is meant.
For each of Gods creations to find their other halves.
All yes's and all I do's can be the turning point in some's lives.
Make others feel like a whole new universe has just begun.
Falling head over heels is not just roses and chocolates.
Love has its ways, may toy with your brain,
and blur out what is truly meant to be seen.
So step out for a second, take a breath of air.
Ask your self this, "am I in love?".
If so a souls purpose has just been completed.
If not, two halves are yet to seek for each other.

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