A four letter word, but holds the power to cage you like a bird.
still every time people choose to fell for it, and in the end many of them split.

So why do you have to fall in love?
When it does not help you to dwell.
Irony is, everyone knows this but still believe in its bliss.

Somewhere you do too, right?
Waiting for someone who will make your mornings bright.
Someone, who will never control you,but will always be there in the time of blues.

Some of you might have lost hope,
Some of you might consider love as dope,
Some might consider it as pain,
While some might consider it as a game.

The meaning is still complicated, but still somewhere we do not hate it,
Experiencing the feeling of true love. Keeping it all above.

Keep your hopes alive,
Believe in this magic, even if you have seen the darkest side.
Open your heart a little more this time,
May be you will find the one who will help you shine.

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