How exactly are you supposed to feel?
How do you know when it's meant to be?
Is it their attention or materialistic things
That give you validation on how you should feel
I know respect is mandatory.
What happens when they don't abide
When they constantly push you aside
Later realise
Giving many apologies
I'm sorry
Shifting the entire story
Of how love is supposed to be your safe place
A perfect spot for an escape
That enables you to move at your own pace
But now it's a hellhole
A place that destroys your joints
Resulting you to crawl
Aren't you supposed to feel secured, protected and sure
To walk boldly knowing where your heart is installed
What happens when they can't express
Express how they feel
Or at least try to impress
Impress you because you are a damsel in distress
Toxic love really is a mess

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