Love a luxury or obligation

Love, a luxury or obligation
Nothing is known to last ever,
Yet they believe they will be forever
Not knowing the consequences ahead
Walking the path where danger dwells

Trying to be smart at times
Catching each other’s mistake
From time to time it made them stronger
A bond better than ever
Not known to be breaking ever
Yet it feels untrue and real never

Is it fakeness or is it really love
Which make them happy like ever
For when they see each other
The world seems to have stopped forever
Is it the the dreams they see or the sorrows
Questionable it is to see the love
As a luxury or just an obligation

Times have crossed their paths
Making both of them busy like ever
Yet they are off to texting each other
When people may think they have had break up
They smile knowing they are there for each other
Seemingly it feels they are the soulmates.

When dark times dwelled in one ‘s live
The other tried to make it a bit brighter
Rather leaving when one was asked to
They seemed to have stuck on spot
Making it difficult to spot for me
Is love really a luxury or just an obligation?

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