Love, A Struggling, Loved Hermit

Love is a losing game.
There are only a few winners and many losers.
In the end, everyone knows pain.
Will there ever be a day when love wins?

Heartache and cheats make nothing but fractures.
Lying and manipulation make the end and
destruction of the foundation.
Only a few lucky loves survive such a fall.
Will I be one of them?

I thought I knew better and was not a crooked snake.
What happened to me?
What changed?
Is this what life is like for me now?
Will I ever make it without hanging on with bear teeth?

I would say I despise all that has happened,
but it is not true.
This little hiccup of my life is not to define me.
I am terrified.
What if it happens again?
Do I fully trust myself?
Will I always be a struggling, loved hermit?

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