Love Again

At times I feel so strong,
But my strength is being challenged
Tell me, how do I love again
When all I'm feeling is malice?
Somehow nothing is making sense
Am I thinking childish?
While I'm stuck in Wonderland and he's seeking Alice
Compromise my heart
So the feeling ain't equal,
It's like I'm playing in a movie
And my life is the sequel
Thinking about my past and all the pain I've caused,
Did they really love me or was I blinded by scars?
Can't seem to tell the difference--
What's real or what's fake
So many tears have fallen that I'm masking my pain
To open up my heart that's another struggle
Trying to find the pieces that complete this puzzle
How do you trust again when nobody is honest?
So I question myself, am I being honest?
Wanting more than deserved
Or more than he can offer?
Caught up in his physical when his heart is so beautiful,
Are these eerie feelings messing with my mental?
How do I love again, I lost the feeling of sensual
Lusting for ininvincible
When what's in front of me is identical
So why am I questioning my visual?
Blindsided by love
Hoping it's not just your typical

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