Love and Attraction

I’m attracted to you like a triple bond,
Between two carbons, tightly entwined.
Your pull is strong, electrifying,
I can’t resist, no use denying.

Just like those atoms, we fit so well,
Our connection deep, hard to tell
Where I end and you begin,
We’re like a molecule, thick as kin.

The chemistry between us is intense,
A reaction that makes complete sense.
Our bond is unbreakable, strong and true,
I’m drawn to you like a double or triple queue.

As organic as it may seem,
Our love is more than just a chemical dream.
We’re soulmates, meant to be together,
Forever and always, like a bond that won’t sever.

So let’s embrace this triple bond,
And cherish the love that we’ve spawned.
We’ll ride the waves, like a molecule in motion,
Our love, a perfect cosmic potion.

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