Love and Hate

Two very different words
But the same when it comes to us
We feed off of hate and invite it to dinner
It's us not hate, that has made us so bitter
Hate just encouraged us while love was thrown outside in the rain
When love gave us a shoulder to cry on we shunned it away,
afraid others would see us as weak
And when hate saw us in despair,
it took over, without a care
But love never left us, it stood there knocking on the door
Ringing the doorbell, but to deaf ears and blind eyes
It sat there motionless throughout all the seasons
We try and drive hate away but it always comes back,
because we give it a reason
Sometimes we give love a glass of water, or a meal or two
Love doesn't say anything, because it feels our pain,
it knows what we've been through
Love does not exist without hate, and neither hate without love
Through Hate's eyes we are nothing and that is how we perceive others
We hate them because they strive to do better
or because we are differentIt's not their fault,
but our own, because we hate what we cannot be
What is only attainable in our dreams, not reality
But hate has tricked us, deceived us into
believing imaginary thoughtsAnd found love
extending out its hand to us,
making sure we grabbed it no matter how far we were
A lot of us believe that we found love, but love found us

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