love and hate as friends

Every time she lets someone into her head, the other side of her kicks them right on out.

This is a poem where a woman’s head keeps love and hate as friends.

Love tries to gleam while hate lingers until the lights forcibly fade out.

Love wants to leave although the comfort of the dark is how hate befriends.

Love drives you through when hate burns you out.

I take sanctuary in a dangerous mix of the two, which only produces more lethal blends.

I use love to talk to you, and I use hate to ultimately fall off.

I use love to break the surface, and I use hate to build further distances.

I can have love for breakthroughs, and I can have hate for excusing cutoffs.

I can have love build the routine, and I can have hate terminating consistencies.

I can have love tell me it’s O.K. as I can have hate send nothing but discouraging scoffs.

I can have love create as I can have hate kill existences.

I can have love take me on peaks as I can have hate take me through troughs.

I can have love set me free as I can have hate set up resistances.

I can have love manufacture rockets as I can have hate prevent me from authorizing the blast offs.

In my body, love is the rehab, and hate is the abused substances.

Love causes health and well being, and hate causes rage filled behavior like viruses of coughs.

Love breeds positive energy, and hate radiates negative auras.

Love plays new episodes, and hate broadcasts shitty old spinoffs.

Love provides the Kingdom, and hate steals away all the tiaras.

Love opens the door, and hate puts you in standoffs.

Love refurbishes the fire, and hate brings back all the ashes.

Love turns you on, and hate bashes you with turnoffs.

Love gets you a plane ticket, and hate forbids you from visiting any beautiful beaches.

Love pushes you for affluent slow motion, and hate pushes you for an abundance of turbo.

Love says the music is ready, and hate demands for rewritten lyrics of unbearable beats.

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