love and pain become one

Pain is the memory of us you left me with
Each day I feel the heart break you left me with.

our love has brought me pain it's left me alone
and lonely and broken is what you chose for me without thinking of my feeling ,you must have forgot we were together ?

I don't understand how you can say you love me and turn
around and break my heart because your with another.

Your love has only brought me pain and hurt
you left me to deal with No one to understand this
hurt I am feeling except for you because it's you who chose to be with another while we were seeing
each other .

Leaving me broken and alone to deal with this pain it wouldn't choose
this to feel. Now for me the pain is real pain is now my reality everyday , So our love and pain
become one in the same !

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This Poems Story

what lying and cheating hurt and two can become one . love and pain