Love And War

Ichiku Kubota may have been intrigued with
My paying homage to nature with a
Diorama of a siberian sun and celestial corners

Of the universe painted in vermillion
Viridian marking the deeper shade of ritual and prayer
Or motifs draped as intricate embroidery over a monochrome of blue.

These were landscape kimonos; and the ancient artistic
Technique of tsunigahana or a multi-dimensional tye-dying
Of cloth to create colored patterns of silken threads;
Songlines stifling slide projections of traumatic tales.

Toy soldiers were praying mantises marching to the lord of
Sociopathic slave labor during bondages of indentured servitude
The pathological whispers and incoherent murmurs of brainwashed fools
With souls as small and barren as their beer cans sold at the barracks.

Recollection of release from the chrysalis trapped in tumbleweed
And Anne’s slow summer spent for the drying of wings;
The fleeting silhouette of a sunflower arcing towards the light;
Carrying dreams like wild flowers or fishing bait in baskets
Re-writing history with poetry on her tongue as it propels to page.

Nostalgia can be a numbing experience like
Visions of being nailed to a crucifix and you say
Jesus reincarnated multiple times can bear the burden of
Redundant sin in noble attempts of saintly spiritualism
While the crimson of manhood was sucked like savoring mad bouquets.

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