Love and Winter

A man takes a step from the warmth of his home
Into a world that is frosted with a beauty of glistening snow
Powder covered trees barely show
As if an artist had painted it
Gazing at what lay before him,
That of beauty and perfection,
Thoughts of joy and love come to mind,
Of moments spent with his love
She, the definition of beauty
As if crafted Aphrodite herself
Not without flaw but each her own
Making her pure perfection
Her touch warming his skin

This warmth suddenly shifted
A brisk breeze brushes against his cheek,
Sending a chill throughout his body
He comes back to reality,
His body cold in the winter air
Aching with discomfort
He quickly retreats back to his home
The fire in the stove bringing warmth to his skin
Not the warmth that he desired
Warmth to his frozen shattering heart
Her beauty and perfection
The warmth of her touch
He knew it could not be so
He approaches a window and glances back to the snow
The beauty and perfection,
How can it be so cold and harsh...

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This Poems Story

Most everyone has someone that they gave their heart too that ended in pain, I came to realize that those people are much like the winter. They are beautiful but if you expose yourself to them they will steal your warmth and freeze you to the world.