Love as to how I define it...

By Anya73   

Love is a body language
A glowing aura in you
A lasting smile on one’s face
A glitter in one’s eyes that explains the joy inside you
Heaven feeling
It lingers and radiates to every person you meet
For sure they'll know you're into something.

Love is not perfect
Sometimes it feels good to feel it
Sometimes it hurts to feel it
Any which way you'll want the feeling of it.

Love teaches either you learn from it or you don't.

Love is a test
It pushes you to your limit
It will drive you nuts
It will even make you choose sometimes
It can make you give up a lot of things
Too complicated but very interesting.

Love always has a...
Happy and or sad
Two Sides
Good and or bad
Two Truths
Real and or not meant kind of love.

Love is never a joke
It's a serious feeling,
Mentally draining,
Emotionally exhausting.

Love is a longing
A need and a want to belong to someone.

Love is a sacrifice
When the going gets rough
It tries to understand and or compromise.

Love is simple
Just be YOU
Accept your partner's strengths and weaknesses
Be true
Love with a trusting and a forgiving heart.


Love is being ready
To give
To trust
To respect
To commit
To understand
To forgive
To accept
To fail even at one point in time
There's no assurance to love, it's always a risk that one chooses to feel!

Love is your whole heart to give, not expecting anything in return
It’s LOVING truly and unconditionally.

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