Love at First Sight

One day at night
I caught a sight
In the sky, there shone a light
A beautiful lass dressed up in white
So cool, so charming, and so quiet
She mesmerized me! Such a fright!
Before, I might!
I mean I could resist and fight
But at her astonishing sight,
I could move neither left nor right
And life, at once, became loose and tight
My head, I felt, heavy and light
She then courted; she did me cite:
"You are my sight"
She said,"and knight,
So take my heart; it is your site"
I picked a paper; made a plane... It wasn't a kite..!
And within a blink, I set out a flight
I caught my lady: She is my height,
Buxom and slight
To whom I used to rhyme and write
We had Love void of spite
And our future we made so bright
That's my tale with Love at First Sight

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It's talking about my dream girl