Love at First Sight

When I first met you,
I felt this fire, not a bad fire, but a good fire.
A great fire.
This fire started in my heart then finally went to my soul.
This fire that I felt, was more beautiful than a diamond gem.
This was something people call love.
I know it sounds crazy,
I always said I would never do that,
Never fall in love again,
Ecspically for a stranger,
For some one I just met,
But I did.
This love grew brighter and brighter, hotter and hotter.
This love I had grew so much, that I could not contain it.
I made you feel uncomfortable, I made things awkward and weird,
And I pushed things to the max.
And almost drove you away.
Then you said that you had something to say,
At first I felt scared,
Scared that I lost you. Scared that I lost the love.
Lost the love I had to give. The love I had left.
But you said just slow things down.
I was so selfish that my friends noticed. And I almost drove them away.
But then I felt determined to be a man that I will be,
A man that won't get upset of making a change. A change for you.
Why for you because I love you.

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