Love Built Her Life

never lost for an expression of mind and heart.
throwing ones self at love as though it were nothing new.
carrying more than a burden on self wieghed down shoulders.
tossing in and out of a frantic, never ending thought.
caressing a burnt out image of what can't exist again
pressing toward what is expected of a woman but unsure of results.
scarlet hands touched everything on a destructive path.
lurking through passages to find the begining of an ending story.
groping at the unattainable it illudes to the succession.
seen so closely Is the end to it all.
unseen and kept so, is the downfall
in a silhouette is found the secrets to a lost and vanished life.
in a kiss the longed for truth spills to another who yearned for it.
through love she becomes something greater
than could ever have been conceived.

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