Love Bullet

Our love was stronger than a bullet,
we laughed, kissed, told stories of one
another that no one ever knew,

We were teenagers at the time
we didn't know right from wrong or what was even love
All we believed in,

Trusted and loved was each other
people hated what we had and we loved it,
It was us against the world, and ignore whoever
didn't like it,but then everything came crashing down

What we once had was no longer true, but just
a fairytale, a figment of our imagination, a lie
We hated one another with passion

Our love began to fade, into a different world
We no longer knew one another,

Or had that love we once shared
We don't kiss, laugh or tell stories to one another,
therefore we don't know each other

Our love is no longer a bullet,
but the wound and scars left behind...

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