Love Can Do

Love binds together, love tears apart
It mends a wound, it breaks a heart
A bush full of thorns, a single rose
Gutter language, poems and prose
A tear of joy, a mother's grief
The greatest gift, the world's worst thief
The pain of birth a mother bears
The rivalry a sibling shares
A single word, a soliloquy
A jail cell, a young bird free
The poorest country, the richest king
Love can touch most anything

Fiercest enemy, friends well met
The wildest creature, the tamest pet
A dazzling sun, the darkest night
The sweet of calm, shivering fright
High on mountain, deep as sea
New-minted coin, an ancient key
A particle no eye can spot
Universe immense: beyond our thought
Pitch-dark black, blinding white
Perfect beauty, hideous blight
Giant steps, insects crawl
Love can conquer the challenge of all

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