love crime

It started off so innocent
I admit it was the perfect crime I stole your heart but what you didn’t know is somebody else had mine.
I didn’t make love to your body
I did something worse I made love to your mind.
It started off with Hershey filled kisses and forbidden misses.
You were the perfect peace of double mint gum until you turned into a wrinkled napkin.
I admit it was an attraction and you were my favorite flame.
You was one of my roses that grew on my concrete
but, you were spoiled milk you was never good for me.
You were my skeleton yet I made sure you were clothed.
You told me you couldn’t be bought yet you were sold.
I played with you till you were old news even though I knew I already had a dude.
I admit it I was the reason you played fool.
You were a man but I made you my personal foot stool.
It was crime because I made you think you were mine.
After nine and a sip of wine.
That was the only time I called you mine.

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