Love, Dad

I don't know just how to say this, so I'll say it the best that I can.
You see kids, I love your mother, but she loves the milkman.
I know this will be a shock to you just like it was to me.
When I caught them I thought their relationship was new; I didn't know they were going into month three.
I'm not getting mad, kids, and neither should you.
I'm moving on, kids, because that's all I can do.
I can't beg your mother to love me so there's no point in trying.
Don't be sad, kids, no one is dying.
We've got a plan, kids, but I know you won't like it.
For this next part I think you should sit.
I packed my bags, kids, and I'm moving to the city.
I'll have a motorcycle, and for you, kids, I'll get a kitty,
You can visit me whenever you like, and I'll still be around.
Just know this is for the best, kids, before you make a sound.
Your mother is going to remarry, and that's okay.
Maybe I'll do the same one day.
There's no reason to cry because your mother and I still love you.
I'll be there in a heartbeat, kids, when you are feeling blue.
You might not understand, kids, but this is no time to grieve.
So come give your father a hug and a kiss, kids, before I leave.

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