Love disease

So alone in the middle of the night
I long for your arms to hold me tight
To soon for comfort
To long of a fight
One sip of your love and I'll truly die
Take your deciding eyes and your
One track lies
I'll find another love maybe not tonight
Your love is so good, so sweet so evil
Your kisses make me sick
Are you the devil
Possessed by your love I surly can't leave
If I do you will cry and I'll be lonely
We're two trapped souls
Living in one cage
Our love combined can't be erased
To weak to break the chains
We mariate in agony
Hiding our selfs
Begging to be free
But toxicity
Flowing gently like a stream
Running through our veins
Poisoning our minds
We are rabid animals
Not knowing our disease
Spreading our diseased thoughts
Like planting seeds
Love is to grow
Not wither and die
I know that you are tired so am I
But if one cure can cure the world
What would it be
But love is the enemy
So take your arms and hold me tight
Forget the past and open your eyes
I love you
You love me
We are weak
But let's work together
And defect the enemy

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This Poems Story

I wrote this poem about today\'s society. How everyone is toxic but we all.need to love and learn.