Love Emotions

Bright smiles and peaceful laughs, it keeps my blood flowing
Soft touches and big hugs is what keeps this face glowing
Me and you against the world is all i ask for
Together as one who would want more
Trust and honesty they say that's the key to healthy relationship stress and drama free
But what is love with out ups and downs, the smiles and frowns, then the make up sex round after round
Its just so amazing how one can make you feel
like your beautiful the way you are without the make up and high heels
Then what happen when things start to change
when the cuddling and kissing is not the same
Now the distance between you two is driving you insane, whos to blame?
Is it me? because I'm selfish worrying about you keeping the company of the next bitch? or is it you?
The thought that you might want your cake and eat it too.
or maybe I'm starting to bore you
Could that be true? or is it just my crazy thinking, afraid that your love for me might be shrinking.
Lets just start over and get back to the bright smiles and peaceful laughs
the soft touches when you grabbing my ass!
I don't want to lose you
So please lets make this love last boo!

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This Poems Story

This poem is about going through every day love emotions.