Love Everlasting

He is not coming.
As much as I beg and I plead, I scream to the heavens.
I imagine the moment my eyes meet his.
He lifts me from the ground into his arms, yet speaks not a word.
He has come for me!
But he is not coming, and the dream is dead. Part of me is dead.
Part of me is beaten up. Part of me is split wide open.
Naked to the air, yet unable to catch my breath.
But only for a moment. Then, I find it, deep down inside of me.
I rejoice. I twirl around within his arms, yet he's not here.
In the memories, he is, and he forever will be. For he is my love.
He is me. I am him. That love is alive.
Permanently living inside me. No one, not even he, can take it away.
He doesn't have to be here with me, and I feel it.
I am it, the love is inside me. It takes no form.
It is not him. not his physical body pressed against mine.
Not his pounding heart to my ear, as we embrace.
Not the words of, I love you.
It is the energy that exists from our souls' connection,
And it is still so alive. It never dies, because it is love.
That love will guide me forever. I will revel in it.
I will cherish and protect it, for all my days.
It is a fire inside of me, that keeps me warm and safe. It is real.
With no idea how it got there, or why it should be there.
It fills me.
Finding myself in the true presence of love, it has become me.
Yet denied me.
He is not coming.

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