Love For a Woman

Were you to ask me
Of life’s greatest joy
My reply most likely
When love finds the heart of a boy

The transformation that takes place
From that boy to man
When he learns about love
Attraction for a girl he understands

Suddenly nothing else matters
But quenching that thirst
To feel love for that girl
Knowing only one can be his first

No one else will
Reach so deep in his heart
Almost like being reborn
Eternal love from its start

Love so strong
Growing stronger by the day
With her name upon his lips
“I love you” he’ll need to say

Years later that girl and boy
Now woman and man
She’s moved away with family
Life’s changes he understands

But nonetheless
His love still grows
For she is the love of his life
His heart’s purpose he knows

His life lesson
What greater joy for a man
To embrace the jewel of his heart
Love for a woman

Copyright © Sharon’s Poet 2023

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Key Words : Love, first time love, unrequited love forever love

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