Love for Shooting Star

you are my light of the day
my shooting star
when you fall i catch you
like a net catches a butterfly
why is it my smile is a mile long
while your near me
I feel like I am being put under a spell
when your near me I blush
I blush from nervousness you put on me
don't want to do wrong I want to do right
but you are my dream i dream tonight
why is it I be myself with you
but around everyone else I hide
I hide the truth the deepest part of me
to be with you there has to be truth
without truth there is no me and there is no you
so my truth is that my love is for you
my love for you is the truth of me
me not telling you the truth is not the truth of me
you are the light of my day
my shooting star
you are glimmering like a diamond
the one i want to hold so tight

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