Love for the captain

As I see my best friend leave,
a captain of a ship that sails the seas.
We take our last looks with a single glance,
as I fear to look back at a missed chance.
The boat floats away with grace,
and she leaves me on an island I don't like,
and that is when I show a little fear on my face.
The fear in my heart says our emotions are just alike.
"The island is not what I fear"
I say as a teardrop runs down my cheek.
I look down at the water, it is clear.
It being clear will not help her find what she seeks.
I know she is afraid,
and so am I.
This wasn't how the plan was laid.
It's as if it were a lie.
I fear for her life,
and I fear for her love.
I don't want to cause any kind of strife,
for she is the one I love.
I do not wish to see her leave.

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