Love For You Poem.

Love For You Poem.
Girl you fine as hell tell your ex you'll never wish him well. If loving you was a crime then you'll never have enough for my bail I'm a real G for love I tell it how it is my fan base growing each and everyday my haters wish I would fall but my success hitting awesome results they have barely much to say.
My heart always felt for you I always hope for happiness for you if your ever cried up in tears I'll always come to your rescue to wipe away your tears never feel alone never feel in fear your my love I'll say it to you as clear as can be.
My teenage years were the worse for me always in trouble always in fights I always said hell with the R for right always got addicted to the B for bad but I'm out of that life I'm addicted to the R for many things doing right Roostar-Poetic my poetic passion now I'm climbing to the top only I'm the one that can tell myself stop.
My love for you is very true I'll always be there for you I hope jealous people for us are aware I'm 24/7 strapped always locked and loaded with a mind set of success and writing talent.

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