Love, I don\’t regret….


It was an accident.
Being hit by the feeling ,
I adored describing.
Yet the most real and magical thing I've ever felt.....

The way your eyes spoke.
The expressions tossed.
The indirect connection .
Maybe they were hallucinations
or maybe they weren't
"Weren't" gave me life and
"Were" shatters it
But I don't regret it .

The way our thoughts
and words collided .
The coincidence of wearing
the same coloured clothes .
The feeling of your presence,
even though you weren't in my vicinity.
Maybe there was an actual connection
Or maybe there wasn't
"Was" overwhelms me
" Wasn't " almost broke me
But I don't regret it.

The way I am only myself ,
when I talk, fight and laugh with you.
Not having the nessecity of thinking ,
1 zillion times before talking.
The times when my expressions ,
weren't judged and only reciprocated.
Maybe there was "something"
Or maybe there wasn't
"Was " showed me light
"Wasn't" darkened it
But I don't regret it .

But now I can't feel anything .
Looking back makes me feel silly but,
I would never blame you. You made me a better person ,
The memories you gave me, are unbreakable and unforgettable .
Darling , you are my first love and I don't intend for it to be my last but,
The way you made me feel
will be my first and my last
I don't and will never regret it .

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