Love in a burning room

I chose to love you in silence

But I failed. And still I do.

You are hiding in my scarf
In my coat
In my eyes
And in my hearts
Leaving a subtle scent of body odor
And your favourite perfume of Calvin Klein

On a day in autumn
Walking down the streets with people passing by
Time around us had been frozen
People around us were just a decoration
Under the shadow of neon lights
A sun and moon emerged into one soul

On a day in winter
Sitting beside in a movie theater
Bullets and Wars
Hatred and Anger
But with Warmest gun we had
Nothing could break our walls of Love

Looking into each others’ eyes
Lips under the shadow of candle
Two shadows dancing into one
Latching on each other

With the taste of forbidden fruits
Like Adam and Eve
We became the center of this world
Spinning around and around
Like a moth flying around a dim light
Used its last energy to fly around
Absorbed into the flames and became a dull radiance

I chose to love you in crave
Kiss in passion
Latching in a burning room

Danced. Burned. Sparked.

Gone with a wind
Gone like a wind

Nothing could be enough
But crave and heat

One soul became two strangers
With lonely kids inside seeking for the lights to connect

Rain, Sun, Wind has came
Seasons has changed
But you are living in me
Leaving a vivid odor and intense sensation

Sitting in a warm caffe, with her favourite Chai Latte in her hands
A frozen heart starts melting, appearing as tears on cheek

I miss you. I love you. I crave you.

To a person closest to my heart
From a girl farthest to your heart

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Reflecting on the romance I've had Mixing up several stories into one story