Love In Disquise

Been thinking about this situation, a situation i've been placed in
Confusing, but at the same time, it's quite amazing
What am I facing?, I'm praying it's life without parole
But is she ready to give me her mind, body, and soul?
Why am I still waiting, has this love grown to old?
Have these emotions of gold become to heavy for our hearts to hold?
We have a treasure, and I will do whatever gives her pleasure
Seems like when we're together, my whole day just gets better
Feels like she can change the weather, we're closer than family ties
And if she ever was to cry, i'd wipe the tears from her eyes
If it is I whom her heart may rely, i'll make her feel good inside
And if she never wants to leave, then i'll never say goodbye
Her feelings, I could never deny, never could I tell her a lie
So will the rules of love defy if she tells me that I'm her guy?
Our love is shy, but never will it despise or die
Our love is high, with beauty comparable to a sunrise in the sky
Now what shall I try, can I put her heart in a bind?
The reason why is because I feel that's what she's done to mine
Intelligence combined with a woman so fine
I'm anxious for the time that our bodies may align
No crime, however love may be the only trouble that's hard to find
So will you take this chance with me, and put it all on the line
When I look at you, I see a love that maybe meant to be
And maybe you feel the same way when you look back at me
And maybe everything I'm saying to you now comes as a big surprise
Or maybe you knew the truth all along, even though we love in disquise

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