love in string form

many strings,
tied together in hands,
wrapped around my wrist,
give me the most joy ever.

a rather simple and basic material
becomes the most important part of my life
for as long as it stays on.

friendship bracelets make me feel loved.

the multi-colored strings
intertwined with each other
remind me of
the connections,
the bonds,
the togetherness,
of friendship.

these inexpensive signs of gratitude
and appreciation
and care and love
are worth more than anything
touched by the once cursed king.

when i feel them,
i am loved.
when i see them,
i feel the love.

when i think of the ones i will receive,
i can't wait for the love.

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This Poems Story

I am a huge lover of friendship bracelets: making them and receiving them. They are a physical representation of something that is greater than most, the love of a friend.