Love in the Form of Evil

As I break
His breath breaks and the somber sound fills the air
A melody to be feared
We walk in unity, yet we are alone in each other's minds
A mere illusion
Faded in black and I in grey
Colors of death and evil
Colors of sadness and depression
We break each other's boundaries and together bleed blood
Our eyes meet and lust in the form of thirst attacks
You complete me, yet I can never complete you
A whole in your heart, while I'm the one who bleeds
Your condemnation is my undoing
You sing these songs to me
But do you know the meaning?
As you sink your claws in my skin, I moan
Not from pleasure, but from the contact of one human to another
Locked up in your tower
I am forced to be a fairytale princess
Covered in vine and poison
I realize I'm falling, and your feet are firmly planted
Your eyes watching me fall
My breath breaks, and I fall deep

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