Love Is

Love is more vast than the grasp of any man.
Standing deeper than the ocean blue's smallest grains of sand.
Stretching further than the eye can ever see.
With roots older than time itself will be.
The only substance that cannot be packaged, marketed or sold.
For the price of money, silver or gold; it's non-duplicatable.
Love will always be free, yet it's caged many men.
With its allure, that leads to fornication and mortal sin.
Trapping their hearts in a mazed whirlwind.
Then kicking them out the back door,and through the front again.
The strongest force in the universe.
One man calls it a blessing, another calls it a curse.
Yet, the belly of this beast undercups the entire realm of this earth
Creating multiples of multiples of weeping,laughter,lows and highs.
Giving you the power to live again or the will to lay down and die.
Love is here to stay and will always be.
Calling us by name through the whispering winds between the trees.
A powerful source that creates something out of nothing.
Bringing grown men to their knees, begging marry me please.
A vital key to the existence to us all.
An antimatter that touches the lives of the brave,strong and small.
It can collectively produce matter in all forms.
Love can calm your inner seas or rage you into a violent storm.
So be careful with this substance,it comes from the ancient of old.
For it can make you a poor man, yet it's worth its weight in gold.

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