Love Is....

It's calling without reason.
It's listening to my pain.
It's wiping away my silent tears,
And shielding me from the rain.
It's in the way you watch me.
It's in the way you speak.
It's in how tight you hold me,
And how soft you kiss my cheek.
It's in how you read my heart,
Just like an open book.
And how you're able to make me smile,
With just one simple look.
It's hidden behind the jokes you tell,
That make me laugh out loud.
And how you pick my spirits up,
Whenever I am down.
It leaves me thinking of you,
Whenever I'm alone,
And makes me weak in all the places,
Where I used to be so strong.
It's dreaming of you secretly,
While lying in the dark.
And wondering if you share these feelings,
Hidden deep within my heart.
This is love....

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