Love Is

Love is the tears that roll down your cheek
when you're lying in your bed at night
not being able to get him off your mind.
Love is the extra breath you take
when you see him walk through a room,
or catch a smile.
Love is the ache you feel
when you know you're so close to him
but are still so far away.
Love is the items you throw across the room
when he makes you angrier than ever before.
Love is the messages you regret sending
the minute that they are gone.
And love is the screams you let out
when you feel like there is nothing else you can do.
But love is also the smile you get
when his name appears on your phone.
Love is the butterflies in your stomach when you know he's close.
Love is the look in your eyes when you're staring at him.
Love is the words you write while you try to describe him.
And love is the laughs you let out every time you're around him.
Love is the wildness and craziness that surrounds everything you do,
the frustration you feel when something is wrong
and the magic that happens when you're together.

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