Love Is……

Love is a temporary madness
It erupts like a volcano
Then pulls back and subsides
In love you will be forced to make a decision
If it's real, you must then figure out
If your roots have intertwined
If it's inconceivable you should ever part
This is what "Love Is"
Love is not breathlessness
Love is not pure excitement
Love is not a premonition of eternal passion
That is just being in love and this any fool can accomplish
"Love Is"
What's left over
After the feeling of falling in love has slowly burned away
This can be seen a an art or a fortunate accident
Those that truly love have roots
These roots grow towards each other
Underneath all the light
And far beneath all the darkness
In that single moment
When all the beautiful blossoms have fallen from their branches
You will realize then
That you have become but one tree not two
And this is what
"Love Is"

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This Poems Story

This poem is just a personal view on what I think are the differences in just loving someone and being in love with someone.