love is


like a flower, they say
like lying peacefully in a garden
they say this, they do
they promise you that kisses can feel like
rose petals, not like thorns
they swear, they swear
love will make you feel like you are one small flower
lying in the garden
growing in the sunlight
they say this
they mean it
they swear that they do
they don’t believe that you’ve seen love and that
love feels like being burnt
feels like your body wasting away
but for some reason, you can’t run
maybe you don’t want to
love feels more like vines
like your whole body wrapped in vines,
tied in sailor’s knots
they can’t comprehend
when you try, try so hard to tell them
no, love feels like
like drowning, you try to say
not like what they say, not like being watered, being nurtured
no, it feels like being held underwater
by hands that pulled you up the day before
it feels like fighting for your last breath
every time you touch
they say it won’t be like that again
but i see the clenched fists, i see the fire sparks
and i can’t comprehend either
how love could ever make you feel safe

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