love is a mystery told

As the sun sets, i watch it brighly out of my kitchen window , everyday its the same the wheather changes from greek cold. to summer breeze , somwtimes i wonder what its like to reach up and touch the sky .be inside a rainbow of more sad fears.

epecially the moon witch sets in the hollw air , cool breze at night feels so good to breathe in another night ,as i am standing underneth this bright moonlight, it so peaecful glacing in to the unknown sky jut imagine god made somthing no one will ever destroy or fiqure out such a mystery, up above our heads.

i think f we could go to the moon, im sure tons of people wuld already be there to escape this hell hole,of nothing but lies. so many peole tryin to chnage tthe world , let it be as if in peace. dont belive in most of the history books, just a tail tell of another imgination i run with mine, as i listen to every beatmy heart thumps , .

deep inside my soul , behind my heaven eyes, theres a girl with so much life to defeat the darkness , with a kiss of purity, a smile of hapiness, a touch of mystery, a heart of gold , my soul will always know were too go, as i unlock the perfect gates it makes me smile dep inside knowing i never got lost as i once flew away,i came back as dust to dissapear when i made you smile, again today no more tears my dear , wipe em away.

i set your mind free again remember how that felt as you watch me fade away.

my love for you will never go away , just smile because god, in heaven dsnt wanna see you sad again today .....

heart breaks, love remains forever, in the minds and souls of a mystery i just told

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This Poems Story

came from feelings in the human body (brain) just ask if u want 2 kno ;)