Love is a pain, a heartbreak

In the depths of love's fragile embrace
A heart once whole, now finds no solace
A symphony of shattered dreams and pain
Echoes through the chambers, again and again
With every beat, a tear falls like rain
A heartache that lingers, causing such strain
The memories, like whispers on the wind
Remind us of a love that now has thinned
Oh, how love can blossom, vibrant and bright
But alas, it can also dim like fading light
The promises made, now broken and torn
Leave a heart battered and deeply forlorn
Yet, amidst the wreckage, there lies a chance
To heal the wounds, to mend the broken dance
For from heartbreak, strength can arise
A phoenix of resilience, reaching the skies
So, my dear, though your heart may ache
Know that it's a path we all must take
Allow yourself to grieve, to feel the pain
But also remember, love will bloom again
In time, the wounds will slowly heal
And a new love's touch, your heart will feel
For heartbreak, though bitter, can lead the way
To a love that's deeper, brighter each day
Take solace in knowing, you're not alone
In this poem of heartbreak, you've found a home
May your heart find peace, and love anew
And may your journey lead to skies of blue
Remember, my friend, as you heal and grow
Your heartbreak poem becomes a story to show
That even in darkness, love's light can gleam
And from the ashes of heartbreak, you'll redeem

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