Love Is a Poison

Being different in this common day world is a sin.
Where your skin isn't pristine and your hair isn't down.
Where your Life is your battlefield and your love is your only weapon
And it is killing you.
The way only love can.
Where it slowly destroys with your own lover's hand.
From the inside out,
Reassuring you with sparks of doubt
And telling you that you are beautiful
with all of your imperfections that Only your lover can perfect.
And the way that he holds in his arms,
Telling you that it is okay cry
So that you can tell him all the reasons that you want to die.
So you can open yourself up for the enemy that you fell in love with.
And love is the only weapon that you
have and words are your ammunition.
It is a vicious cycle of waiting,
hoping that he won't destroy you
with what you told him when he held you in
Tell me that you love me that you need me
that it isn't the other way around
And when they can't tell you that.
When it is time for you to cry because your lover is someone else's.
That is when you realize that love is your only weapon,
your only poison, your only sin,
The only thing that can bring you down with one, single, strike.

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