Love Is Colorless

By Da Poet    Da Poet

I’m not looking for praise nor recognition, just providing an example through
my own admission. Certain things in life are troubling and can’t be overlooked,
like certain groups of people leaving others afoot. I'm not talking about republicans
or even democrats, it’s a much more serious problem and deeper than that.

Now you can cancel Christmas, and even Easter too,
because I just saw Scrooge, he ain’t helping nobody, not even you.
We the people who are darker than blue, where is our place here amongst you?
Where is my brother, my brother from another mother? You know this ain't got to be,
if you’d only open your eyes and truly see?

Let’s go back to the age when I was five, when hitch hiking was a way of life.
Now some decades later it not safe, at day or at night.
I thought I’d never do this, not even in a million years,
but my heart couldn’t take it, as it brought my eyes to tears.

I saw an old lady on the side of the road, she had many bags such a heavy load.
I passed her by, but I was shook, and couldn’t help, but take a second look.
As I cruised on by, on down the road, watching her drag her heavy load, it hit me.

This could have been my mother, and what would I want someone to do?
I would want them to show compassion and care, and provide assistance it's true.

Because out there in the elements a precarious place for few, at the mercy of
Mother Nature with no cover to cling to. So at the next exit I turned back around, headed back to the area where this old lady I had found. I stopped my car, pulled over to see, if I could assist this elderly, old lady?

Her name was Susan, and not a lady of despair, just an unfortunate situation caused her to be out there. I asked her where she going, and when she last ate? She replied, some place past Denver, and about 4:30 a.m. which was late.

I asked her what happened, and whatever did occur? She offered an explanation as cling to every word. However, I won’t tell her business, that’s not for me to do, am I my brothers keeper? Yes, and even my sister too.

I offered Susan shelter just overnight, and took her to the grocery store worth forty dollars of delight. She refused to accept shelter, but was very grateful for the food, and I left in a different location along the road with a better view.

With people in need one should not see color, we should display of spirit of love to help one another. I believe I did my part as GOD guided my heart. We are but servants here, look to help someone on your journey. Give of yourself expecting nothing in return, and it shall be measured back to you one hundred fold.


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