Love is Dead

Love is dead
So I see that you’ve deleted
All the pictures you posted?
You’re not online anymore, you’ve
Disappeared and left me ghosted.
I should have known that 'what we had'
was coming to an end.
Why did u feel like you had to pretend?
That for all those times you said 'I love you',
You were saying a slow goodbye
And farewell to us two,
It didn’t mean anything anymore,
Just 3 words to keep it going,
I love you was just a chore that you
Did without me even knowing.

Why put me through the pain and confusion,
When you knew our future
Was merely an illusion?
No matter how good the shoe fitted,
You were no longer committed,
Wanting to see yourself in another pair,
But you didn't realise these shoes
are irreplaceable and far too rare.
I’ve heard you traded me in
For another shortly after. That now
You sit there with Her trying to share
The same laughter.
Oh how easily our memories
Have seemed to have been forgotten,
Our love we once shared
Growing old and rotten.

She’d have taken a bullet for you,
But didn’t know you’d be behind the trigger.
You watched her wilt and fall,
Slide down on her knees from standing tall,
And just stared as the pool of blood
Around her grew bigger and thicker.
You didn’t squirm whilst watching her bleed,
But instead dropped the gun and gently sighed,
“Did you ever really think
You could have been my bride?".
She was reaching for your hand
But you didn’t take it,
And as you turned and walked away,
She prayed that she wouldn’t make it,
She didn’t want to survive,
Took everything in her not to stay alive.
Knowing the greatest betrayal was from you,
A soul she would have given everything to,
So when the sirens finally sounded
It was too little too late,
Followers and friends rushed to the scene,
Love was pronounced dead at sixteen.

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