Love Is Life’s Test

Walking on moonlight
Sweet thrilling chills
Love stricken
How did it all fade away into the darkness?
All that time we were together
You lied throw your teeth, broken promises shattered dream
I know more about yourself, then you know about me
Loudmouth egotistical arrogant soul
You showed me nothing but hate
Did it ever cross your mind how much heartache you caused upon me
Evil eye sorrow overwhelming pain, I endured for so long
In time you murdered the deep love I once had for you
Never did it cross my mind it would end this way
Time lost years I will never get back
The last day we were together but apart
The last kiss we gave each other I wiped away you Judas kiss
Tears rolling down my checks
You left
Left me standing there, holding my shattered heart
Trying to put the pieces back together
Black cloud hovering over
Will I ever fill happens again
Euphoria in the light of day
Time is my Lover now
For he shall heal and mind my shattered heart.

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