Love is Love

“Love is love.
It's a religion of acceptance and a race of diversity. It's something we all share, it holds us together, bonds us as one and defines who we are.
love is love.
That smile reaching from corner to corner of the ear, listening to the sound of your laughter. It is also that tear that falls slowly in pain. it's holding her shaking bones together with open arms. It's even if she is broken, if she is bent, I will always love her again and again.
love is love.
That type of longing for a person. 24/7. That type of feeling that doesn't seem to leave your system. That oh you're presence, is everything I crave. Love is a bottomless pit of time cut too short. Love it grumbles in your stomach, oh the butterflies are hungry for the little parts of him.
Love is love.
Because from head to toe, she is a work of art. Each bone, birthmark, freckle, and scar you must memorize. Be able to map her in your mind, be able to love her all the time.
Don't forget him.
She wants to show you, she knows you, she knows each muscle, the way it shapes itself when your lungs are heavy because in love there is no time to breath. no time to think. Just go. Just do. Trust her, trust him.
Love is love.
She wakes up and checks her phone. She gets up, oh god she is alone. Her mind takes over and rushes to the thought oh no he is gone. She hears a high pitch scream from the wooden floor, and a open of a door. There he is standing with coffee in one hand, a breakfast in another, and a smile so big, his cheeks are flushed in the color red. She didn't even have to speak, she remembered last night.
Love is love.
Last night.. she remembered..He is simple but so complicated. So fearless yet so scared. So scared to lose you. He talks but sometimes he can't speak. She studies him, like a textbook, because from page to page he has new stories to tell and secrets to yell. You're everything to her, can't you see it? you're so much more than she ever expected. She gave you the power to catch her heart when she falls, and oh she is falling hard and fast for you....Now, you be gentle, be kind, find the stillness in the parts of your limbs intertwined. Tell her you love her. Tell her you don't love just her but everything she is from head to toe, the details, the insecurities, tell it to her all.
Love is love.
Give her seconds even though they feel like minutes.
Give her minutes even though they feel like hours.
Give her days even though they feel like weeks.
Give her herself but also the greatest gift of them all, yourself.
You are both learning. It won't always be one way street, there will be STOP signs, do not enter signs, but remember to not be scared merge into traffic when you're on a highway. Remember to kiss her every inch of her. Remember to hold him, when he can't take the world's hate. Show him love. Show him who you are. Don't be afraid. Take his hand, he will take yours, let this be more than memory.
Love is love.
Put your hands on her waist, wrap your arms around his back. Remember that feeling. Save it, keep it, and cherish it wherever you go and whoever you meet. He will always love her. She will always love him. You will always remember that night, that night they got lost in each other, that night they danced the sky away in ecstasy. They were alive. They were infinite. Oh they... oh well they were mix matched separated puzzle pieces And in time mending together as one
Love is love.
-Love is love. (number five, laj)

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