Love is… Love just is…

Love is... Love just is...

Love is the birth of a new life
*creation evermore*
- so precious, so loving
Love is the flowers that bloom in spring
- so colorful, so beautiful
Love is as vast as the blue sky above us
- so endless, so open
Love is like the branches of a tree
- always reaching, reaching always

Love is in the living of life
*being evermore*
- so joyful, so playful
Love is the hand that reaches out to you
- pull me up, lift me up
Love is the eyes that see beyond the flesh
- beautiful soul, wondrous spirit
Love is the embrace that warms your soul
- so loved, so cherished

Love is in the real, not in the abstract
*loving evermore*
- so solid, so full
Love is a seeker and a finder
- seek me, find me
Love is a giver, not a taker
- so generous, so giving
Love is the gift that you did not ask for
- so needed, so appreciated

Love is freeing, not caging
*living evermore*
- fly free, fly free, fly free
Love is the feeling that gives us peace
- so freeing, so loving
Love is the dance that frees us
- to become you, to become me
Love is us in our most natural state of being
- so open, so peaceful

Love is in the dying and setting our soul free
*eternal evermore*
- return, return, return home

Love is... Love just is...

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