Love Is More Than just being the same

In the dance of love, there's always one
Who leans in closer, drawn to the sun
Their heart open wide, ready to embrace
The beauty and joy of a shared space

But alongside them stands another,
Who feels the pull of independence, of discovery
Their spirit yearning for exploration,
The thrill of solitude, the freedom of their own creation

In the ebb and flow of togetherness,
These two souls find themselves
Navigating the delicate balance
Of longing for closeness and craving distance

One reaches out, the other retreats
One speaks of love, the other of feats
Yet somehow, in the midst of this dichotomy
They find a way to coexist harmoniously

For love is not just about being the same,
But about embracing the differences that came
Two hearts, two minds, two souls entwined
Finding strength in the spaces where they're inclined

So let the one who leans in hold the other close,
While the one who inclines towards separateness knows
That in the union of their differences lies the beauty
Of a love that transcends all boundaries and duty.

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