Love Is No Crime

I see the beauty, I see the light.
I feel the cage, I feel my fright.
I'm on my knees to confess my sin.
Now I'm burning deep within.
My secrets have escaped my soul,
Raining on the new dawn's toll.
Does she realize who I am?
Has she seen me, the way that I am?
I know her, for she is beauty.
She's better than me, not just a cutie.
She's smarter than the average bear.
She has blue eyes and dark brown hair.
Who is she when she's with me?
Herself, someone else, or somewhere in between?
Cupid's released me from his cage.
I am calm, not enraged.
For I have met a beautiful girl,
And now to me she's the whole, wide world.
I hold her, and love her when she cries.
She now knows all of my lies.
She's my world, yes, she is mine.
I have the love of my life, and loving is no crime.

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