Love is rage

By Eiram   

Love is rage
Love is hate
Trapped in it's cage and death is your fate
It's the one way out most refuse to take
Your last breath is nearing and your body starts to shake
Tears fill your eyes as you see the end
Thinking of it all realizing none of it was pretend
Heart beat slowing tasting death
Memories haunting you losing what sane you have left
Laughing now at the joke you call love
and death just isn't enough
The pain is growing with each breath you take
Hoping someone anyone will force you awake
Grimm is here to take you away
You don't put up a fight because it's better that way
He lifts you slowly whispers softly in your ear
Telling you precisely why he's here he says it was love that brought him to you
Breathing weakly in his arms you did exactly what he wanted you to
Hold on tight for your final ride as death breathes down your neck
And all living is aside
But something wakes you from your horrible nightmare
And there's your love holding you with care
He feels you shaking and holds you closer
You whisper I thought I lost you and that's something I know I couldn't live through.

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