Love Is Scary

Boy of my dreams
What a nightmare you turned out to be
I am happier alone than I ever am with you
But I cannot stand a moment without you
It's almost like I can't breathe when you're not around
But I am suffocating whenever I'm with you
You put me down in every way
But I know it's only because you care
I feel like you put a curse on me, to make me hate myself
But then a kiss breaks the spell, and I know that means I love you
I found out that you've been cheating on me
But I know that you love me, so I forgive you
You said you only did it because I'm not good enough for you
I'll try harder to make myself beautiful for you, whatever the cost
Even if it means going against everything I believe in
You told me I'm too fat
I said I would starve myself
You said that was a good idea
Oh my sweet love, I would do anything for you
I was talking to a man the other day
You thought I was flirting with the man, so you beat me
I am only allowed to talk to you, no one else
But you're all I'll ever need
Some people think we shouldn't be together
I feel bad for them
They just don't know what true love is

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